Digital Series.

"7 Days Asunder" was created over a 7 day period. My friends and family stood outside a room in my apartment that I converted into a camera obscura. The compositions depict various emotions I encountered during the "stay at home" orders in my city. Love, solidarity, hopelessness, hope, apathy... I stood "with" my visitors for 2 minute-long exposures. This series has been featured in ASMPLA's publication of pandemic photographs and an International feature about the Coronavirus lockdown.

60"x60" Archival Print. 1 of 1. 

This is a depiction of myself, through the lens of my years in therapy and self-help to better understand myself and the world around me, outside of my learned paradigms. What happened as a result of this journey, was deeper understanding that the individual and the collective share common attributes in their struggles and states. Jungian-derived thought is suggested in the shadow aspects of this piece, the figure is being held "underwater" and bound and blindfolded by shadows originating from a place unseen. The reflective blanket represents the aritficial constructs we "protect" ourselves with. The figure is positioned in a fetal-esque slumber, suggesting the apathetic tendencies of my own state.  The blue tones represent my personal depth of curiosity and acknowledgment of the abyssal unknown. The warm tones represent a hopeful idealistic quality that warms the surface of the depths of existence.

This is an ongoing project to explore compositions that occur in the cities and towns that I visit. Instagram: